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A Historical Saxon Heathen view of Loki

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Disclaimer upfront: Whether you like Loki or dislike Loki, you can't win with Loki. Loki divides. I bet talking about Loki in a blog will not bring much unity with myself and those around me in any way, as Loki simply divides. This post is about making decisions, and unity or the need for unity in sub-groups taking decisive stances. We Saxon Heathens do not have Loki, who is not attested in our Lore, so we do not have this "issue." But when I read Norse Lore, Loki is pretty dividing in nature, and it is one of his "specialties."

1. In general, whether it is modern vs. historical, whether it is uni-folki, whether it is Loki or nokian, I believe not taking a stance in and of itself is weak. This is not "just another division dance." "I am Beowulf and I will kill your troll" sounds more "Heathen" and DECISIVE.

2. I was involved in a Loki thread by a Troth member today (now several months ago.) When the Troth takes a stance, it will be DIVISIVE and not just DECISIVE. If the Troth takes a stance against Loki veneration, they will lose people for it. If they accept Loki veneration, they will lose people for it. They will lose people if they will not take a stance, as that may (and will) offend at least some in both sides, like my Lokean friend, now naturally, not a friend... Loki divides.

The Troth was founded as a decisive stance against perceived racism in the AFA. They did not play the numbers game there, they left the AFA and formed the Troth. The AFA did not change their stance, nor play the numbers game as well, and waved "bye bye" to those leaving. Both were decisive then, and strong then.

3. Heathen orgs ARE just a Heathen denomination so to speak..."and just another division dance" in and of themselves. (Though, I am all for flocking with those similar to you, and for Heathenry to have its groups within the group. Aldsidu is standing on its own two feet, but we are what I call a "lite org", just being a networking and educational hub/center.) Unity for "All" is for the weak. People of like mind and strong minds will flock together. ALL religions have sects. They all are divided. Heathens 100% united is not logical... Lastly, if you want to know my stance on Loki it is simple: He is not in Saxon Lore, so he is not in Saxon Heathenry, and is not an issue. BUT, when I do ritual with Norse Heathen friends, I will not be there if there is Loki veneration. Loki is an enemy of our Ancestral Gods, and his very nature is to divide. Yes, division is good, but also, the spiritual well-being of myself and my family is important. Loki cannot bring success to my Megin or Heil (or "uurd.") On another note, many non-conformists come into Heathenry to non-conform and end up "not conforming in Heathenry." There is ZERO historical mention of Loki veneration in two Eddas, over 700 Norse Sagas/Poems/Charms, and in the many historical sources. The Uthgard Loki argument is the only one that has any merit (in my opinion) for the Lokean view in Norse Heathen circles. If I were a Norse Heathen trying to reconstruct the historical faith of my Ancestors, Loki is clearly not a friend to the Aesir, and will fight against them at Ragnarok. While I am not a fan of comparisons of Heathenry to Christianity, I will make one. Venerating both Loki and Odin is about as logical as venerating both God and Satan in the Bible. Simply put, Loki and the Aesir are enemies. If Sassnoth, father of the Saxons, is indeed a son of Uuoden (Odin) according to the genealogy of Essex, than my Ancestors' enemies are my enemies. Thank goodness Loki is a Norse Heathen issue, and not a Saxon one.

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