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In view of the fact that many modern pagan religions claim to be revivals of ancient Germanic religions, and assert that their own practices are historically accurate or representative of ancient practices while ignoring the historical record regarding such practices, Historical Old Saxon Heathens (Aldsidu) adopted this mission statement.

This statement is solely intended to help distinguish historical Aldsidu, or Old Saxon Heathenry, from those modern pagan religions, such as Asatru or Wicca, that claim to be “Old (Historical) Ways” that are clearly not.  Asatru and Wicca are fine traditions. However, they do not use the historically attested practices of Germanic Heathen religions and deviate substantially from them in both practice and belief. While we do not mean to insult or discount the validity of Asatru or Wicca, we absolutely deny any claims of these groups as accurately reflecting historical Heathen Germanic belief and practice, through the surviving historical sources.

Some Aldsidu (Old Saxon Heathen) groups and/or individuals may be stricter in their observances of these principles than others, or may apply these principles differently from others. Historical Old Saxon Heathenry (Aldsidu) as well as any form of Historical Germanic Heathenry can be defined by a commitment to the following points:

  1. Modern observance of Aldsidu should comply with historically attested practices in historical sources. Aldsidu practitioners believe in the Gods attributed to the Saxons. Aldsidu is a faith, not a re-enactment group.

  2. Aldsidu Heathens and Saxonhofs (local communities) reject the Wiccan Wheel of the Year as a model by which the dates of sacred rituals should be set. Aldsidu ceremonies are dated in accordance with the cycles of the moon, as was done in historical Heathen times, rather than by the solstices and equinoxes of the sun. Historical Germanic Heathens (including Saxon Heathens) followed a lunisolar calendar.  Saxon uuihdage (holidays) are Winter Full Moon (Norse Winter Nights), Iul (Norse Yule or Jol), and Summer-blot (Norse Sigurblot), which occur on Full Moons respectively.

  3. Aldsidu communities observe Sumble in accordance with historically attested examples of Sumble, rather than in the Wiccan Sabbat-style Sumble often used among modern pagan groups.

  4. Aldsidu communities perform blot in accordance with historically attested practices to the best of their ability. Blot has an important place in modern practice and Saxon Heathens strive to observe it inasmuch as it is practical to do so under all relevant circumstances.

  5. Aldsidu individuals and Saxonhofs reject all forms of bigotry and racism.

  6. Aldsidu Heathens and Saxonhofs share a commitment to academic honesty and integrity. Where Aldsidu communities have developed new practices or traditions of their own, Aldsidu does not present such new practices as representative of historical practice.


Aldsidu is a member of the Association for Historical Heathenry, hence our mission statements are very similar.  Aldsidu is a networking and education website, and "lite organization."  The Association of Historical Heathenry is a new full blown organization, for those who want to follow historically based Germanic Heathenry. To quote the organization: "The Association for Historical Heathenry is a loose confederation of heathen families, communities, and formal organizations. We are bound together by our generally shared commitment to observing the Old Sid in accordance with the ideals expressed in this General Statement. We have come together in this Association for the purpose of divorcing historical heathenry from other forms of modern paganism. More importantly, we seek to further the growth and development of the Old Sid in the modern world by pulling like-minded heathens together and providing a forum in which they may network and share ideas."  Please join us in the Facebook group: The Association for Historical Heathenry and/or on the Facebook group Saxon Heathenry.

Old Saxon Heathenry is about the Saxons who lived in Saxony, and is not the same as Old Anglish Heathenry, of the various tribes that had portions of their people migrate to Britannia. Old Saxon and Old English are two different languages, from two different countries, from two different peoples. Old Saxon coming from Saxony, i.e. Northern Germany, and Old English coming from the Angles in Angle-land who spoke Anglish/English.  Aldsidu Heathens strongly respect historical Old English Heathens, as we respect all forms of historical Heathenry, be it of the Danes, Swedes, Geats, Norse (*Norwegian), Icelandic, Frisian, Chatti, and many others.

Saxon Heathen Leadership