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Historical Heathen Charms, Runes, Prayers for Healing

During a pandemic, there should be more discussion on historical Heathen Charms. We have a plethora of Healing Charms that survived the historical record. Here is a short list of my personal favorites: 1. Uuurmsegen (An Old Saxon Poem for healing. First version was in the 9th century, also found in the 10th century). 2. Nine Herbs Charm (An Old English 10th century charm) 3. The First Merseburg Charm (In Old High German, 9th century) 4. The Second Merseburg Charm (In Old High German, 9th century) 5. Against a Dwarf (Old English, 6. Alfablot in Kormak's Saga, where a blot is done to heal a person of a disease called "Elf-shot." (13th century.)

Uuurmsegen: Old Saxon Poem (9th and 10th century)

Gang ût, nesso, mit nigun nessiklînon, ût fana themo margę an that bên, fan themo bêne an that flêsg, ût fana themo flêsgke an thia hûd, ût fan thera hûd an thesa strâla. Drohtin, uuerthe so!.

Go out, worm, with nine wormlings, out of the marrow into the bone, from that bone into the flesh, out from the flesh into the hide (horse skin), out from hide (horse skin) into this arrow. Drohtin, let it be so!”


Excerpt from the Nine Herbs Charm

“A worm came crawling and bit a man. Woden then took nine glory-twigs, he smote the adder that it broke apart into nine parts. There the apple cured it against the poison that the loathsome worm would never dwell in the house. Chervil and Fennell, two of much might, these herbs the wise lord shaped in the holy heavens, he set and sent them to the seven worlds as he hung, to the poor and the fortunate, as a cure for all.” – Nine Herbs Charm (Old English Poem).

Second Merseburg Charm

Against a Dwarf

Against a dwarf, one must take seven little wafers such as one might offer, and write these names on each wafer: Maximianus, Malchus, Iohannes, Martimianus, Dionisius, Constantinus, Serafion. Then the galdor that is hereafter spoken of one must sing, first in the left ear, then in the right ear, then above the persons head. And then let a virgin go to him and hang it on his neck, and do this for three days; he will soon be well. “Here came walking in a spider-creature. With his coat in his hand, saying you were his horse; He laid his fetters on your neck. He started sailing from the land; As soon as he came away from land, his limbs started cooling. Then the beast's sister came walking in. Then she ended it and swore oaths. That this must never hurt the sick, Nor he who could obtain this charm, Nor he who could chant this charm. Amen. Let it be so.” --- Translation by "Here Be Dragons."

Excerpt from Kormak's Saga

"The spae-woman answered, there is a hill, not far away from here, where elves dwell. Now get the bull that Kormac killed, and redden the outer side of the hill with its blood, and make a feast for the elves with its flesh. Then you will be healed." Please join us on the Facebook group: Aldsidu: Old Saxon Heathenry.

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