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Aldsidu: A Networking and Educational Network

Updated: Feb 5

Asatru has done some good things, but (in 2019) due to the constant issues (and ongoing discussions) of bigotry and racism, and constant mis-information about what historical Heathenry was, a swift divorce was needed between the followers of Asatru and historically based Heathenry. The fact that even Wikipedia's article called "Heathen Holidays" has pointed out that the founder of Asatru in the USA brought the Wiccan Wheel of the Year into Asatru as its holidays (not ever researching the historical Heathen holidays nor their timing/dating) and bringing in a Wiccan Sabbat style Blot/Sumble, as opposed to a historical one, was a huge problem. The other Asatru organizations have all followed suit in adopting the 8 spoked wheel of Wicca and a celtic circle, one person at a time channeling energy, as opposed to historical sumble where toasting/oathing/boasting was at random and all had their own cups/horns/steins. While the founder of Asatru in the USA has been attacked for his racial views by the other Asatru organizations, these same organizations follow 100% of his non-racial Wiccan, and Christian, and non-historical teachings. While they all push and sign Declaration 127, they follow the man they hate without knowing it.

Some thought was taken by many of us before beginning Should a full blown Heathen organization even exist? Are organizations in and of themselves, non-Heathen and even historical? Is the Kindred model historical? Is a "lite org", i.e. just a website and an "networking hub" that is not a 501c3 enough to show the world that historically based Heathenry is NOT Asatru? (This is all that Aldsidu is.) Can a website and "lite org" show the world Aldsidu actually does research the Sagas and Historical sources, and has thought critically of these sources, and doesn't discuss (nor tolerate) racism/bigotry? (Emphasis on not discussing racism/bigotry. No tolerance, decision to boot out all forms of bigotry was a 5 second decision, and we have moved on.) What sort of networking should historical Heathens have? Should we remain on social media with Asatru (Old Gods new ways) people? Can we pubmoot with them? (Most feel we cannot do ritual together, as it would affect our megin and uurd. Others disagree.)


Some in Aldsidu feel the differences between Norse Heathenry and Old Saxon Heathenry are great enough that these need to be two separate movements. Others feel that all Old Ways Germanic/Scandinavian Heathens can be one movement. has evolved into a lite org, and has a networking list of our members. (Please click "Contact" above if you wish to have your name (can be abbreviated), and your email address and urban area added to our networking list.) Our Facebook group over 2,600 members as of December 2023. Aldsidu, for a small "niche" movement of people interested in Old Saxon Heathenry is alive and strong! We understand that less people will be interested in Aldsidu than Asatru. Asatru (Wicca/Christianity/Old Norse deities mixed together without research) is a short cut most people will flock to. Even historical Norse Heathenry, will never have the numbers of Asatru, as most people prefer to mix modern ways, made up things, over the historical holiday dating, historical calendars, wiccan Sabbat style sumble, etc, as it requires no homework, little (if any) reading of the Eddas, Sagas, and other historical sources, etc. I think many in Aldsidu just want to be historically accurate, and have academic research as a foundation for understanding the historical faith of our Ancestors, and as the foundation for recreating the Old Pre-christian Ways of the Saxons. Thank you all, for making Aldsidu a great alternative for Old Ways people.

My last name, Sass, is the Old Saxon word that means "Saxon." The Sassische language, descended from the Old Saxon language, today is called "Platte." For Old Saxon descendants, Old Saxon is still spoken today, in the areas of the map below. While the two most common Westphalian Saxon surnames are Westphal and Sass, there are officially more people with the last name Westphal and Sass in America today than in Germany. Saxon Heathens all over the world can keep the Gods and Goddesses of the Saxons alive!

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