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My family on my father’s side is from Bremen. My research into my family shows that the Sierkes were also from East Prussia (Memel, in what is today Lithuania). A place in Poland named Sierakow is called ”Sierke” by its German-speaking inhabitants. The Visigothic name Sigeric may be an early form of the name.

I am currently a Heathen-in-hiding, much like the Jews and Muslims in Spain during the Inquisition. I go to church with my wife, who is a genuine Christian, but she understands that my heart and my allegiance aren’t directed toward her god, but toward those of my Germanic ancestors.

I grew up in an ecclectic home. My parents raised me to find my own path. I have participated in Witchcraft, a Romano-Egyptian mystery religion, and generic, new-age neopaganism. Over the last decade, I have actively worshipped the Germanic Gods, learning their lore and ways primarily through Anglo-American Theodry. My practices have been solitary until now. I have located a historically-oriented group of heathens near where I live. I also have a friend and fellow alumnus in Altsidu with whom I plan to get together sometime. I am also in recovery for alcoholism, so I use non-alcoholic drinks for ritual.

Jesse Sierke

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