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Aldsidu and honorable Heathen behavior

Updated: Apr 6

Aldsidu is against all forms of bigotry and hate.  However, I have realized that too many “Asatruar” are not actually Heathens having new ways or Old Ways as their faith.  Anti-racism is their religion, not Heathenry.  A true Heathen would not try to change other cultures.  Historical Heathens did not have beliefs of conversion. The world was fine being multi-cultural, and multi-religious.  When Saxon Heathens traveled in pre-christian times, they used terms like “landuuise” to describe the customs of the people living in other lands.  They did not try to change or evangelize others.  All humans descended from Mannus, and other descendants of Mannus who settled different areas of Middilgard, simply had a different track back to Mannus genealogically.  In their ancient world view, all people descended from Mannus, and to think less of Mannus’ descendants with different cultures or skin colors was illogical. Hence, no need to discuss racism and bigotry, we ban it as un-heathen thought, and we move on.

Those who have anti-racism as their religion would rather discuss race issues than to read, study, and learn from our pre-christian ancestors and their teachings of honorable behavior. The goal of Aldsidu is to discuss and learn the world views of our pre-christian HEATHEN ancestors. Believe it or not, while I do not wish to be anti-christian in this post, that is the problem with Christianity.  It was forced on our Ancestors, like with the Saxon Wars and the Massacre of Verden, it forced “inclusivity” and “exclusivity” (Heaven=inclusivity; Hell=exclusivity; Believer= Include; Unbeliever=exclude).  The sword or baptism were the only two choices.  And sadly, what the Saxon Heathens fought to avoid becoming, they became when Christianity sadly took over their world.  Hence, the Saxons later attacked the Danes to forcefully christianize them under the Ottonian and Salian kaiser-ships.  The Saxons took part in the crusades and murdered Jews and Gypsies (and others) many times, like in the People’s Crusade for example. They attacked the Pagan Sorbs as well to force them into the church. This was the very thing the Saxons fought against in the Saxon Wars and the Stellinga Rebellion, to not become close minded Christians who felt superior and hatred towards non-believers, which is a religious form of discrimination.  To return to a pre-christian and Heathen world view is a vast improvement over the Abrahamic view.  This mindset is free of hate and bigotry.  We simply know hate and bigotry is wrong, and there is no need to discuss it, as we wish to study and learn the more peaceful ways of our pre-christian Ancestors. This is a far more honorable way to spend our time, as we all know racism and bigotry is wrong.

I know there are a few in the Aldsidu group who are here only to take screenshots of our posts and try to prove us racist to “Asatru” groups.  No matter what we do daily, no matter who our friends are outside of Aldsidu, no matter how honorably we behave, these people will not believe us, because they are looking to make truths out of anything, which forcing truths on others is actually falsifying reality.  By calling us racists their goal is to bring us down.  True leaders build people and do not tear them down.  Let me repeat, true leaders lead people to become better people.  But too many with the “anti-racism religion” just want to bring others down, and not make other people better people.  What people tolerate is what people accept.  We should not tolerate, or accept behavior with the sole goal of bringing others down.

Recently, I took like a year to reflect on what I believed, how I should move myself and my family forward, and what I should (or should not be) for a local community.  One of the things I learned in my down time, was that leadership, true Heathen leadership, was to encourage and build people to be more honorable Heathens.  While the proper dates and meanings of the holidays was my main focus two years ago, going forward, if you behave honorably, but don’t understand the historical facts of when Yule was in pre-christian Heathen times, you are on the right track, because you treat others honorably.  As a blogger, I should be judged on if I inspire people to behave more honorably as Heathens.  That is it. Though, I do not mean to dismiss teaching the Old Ways which is VERY important. What inspirited this post?  Many IMs from yesterday, and two decades of watching dishonorable behavior under the banner of many Heathen umbrellas.  SJWs, some of you are not truly SJWs.  SJWs whose goals it is to tear others down, and not build better behavior in others, are not really SJWs.  They just say they are.  Since their behavior is full of hate, it is time to bounce them, as they are behaving no differently from religiously bigoted Christians who think everyone must be like them, or they are an enemy.  We are our deeds, and honorable behavior is what shows the true character of individuals.   Let us all be leaders, and try to build one another to be better people, more honorable Heathens.

(Tacitus, Germania 2). Tacitus states specifically: “In traditional songs which form their only record of the past, the Germans celebrate an earth-born God called Tuisto. His son Mannus is supposed to be the fountainhead of their race and himself to have begotten three sons who gave their names to three groups of tribes: the Ingaevones, nearest the sea, the Irminones, in the interior; and the Istaevones, who comprise all the rest. Some authorities, with the freedom of conjecture, permitted by remote antiquity, assert that Tuisto had more numerous descendants and mention tribal groups such as the Marsi, Gambrivii, Suebi, and Vandilii…” Therefore, Mannus had other sons besides the three, and Tacitus implies he doesn’t mention all the tribes. The Saxons are not mentioned by Tacitus. However, the sequence in which one God has a son, who has three famous sons, has a resemblance to the Norse creation story of how Búri has a son Borr who has three sons: Odin, Vili and Vé. I believe the Tuisto to Mannus to Ing, Hermin (Irmin), and Istae genealogy is the beginning of the fully developed Norse Eddaic genealogy of Uuoden, which evolved over time. I think it is clear, that Mannus had more sons than the three, and the Germanic Peoples felt their "race" descended from Mannus via Ing, Irmin, and Istae. There were other descendants of Mannus, forming the other peoples of the world. These settled different lands on Middilgard, and therefore, mankind had many Gods in the eyes of Germanic Peoples. Mannus is the root word for "man" (or "mann") meaning "mankind" or "human."

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Exactly! If your Pagan path focuses on racism then you're doing political activism with a veneer of spirituality, not following a spiritual path. As a non-American I've found this is the issue with most American online communities (regardless of which path it is), and us non-Americans couldn't care less about American politics stuffed into everyday life; stuffing it into spirituality and then shoving it down the throats of the rest of the world is unacceptable. So as you say, we can agree to say no to racism and then carry on with our lives and our paths.

Kindest regards,



Thank you. I enjoyed this post being new in the worship of the old gods and old ways. a new Heathen I guess you could say. I get lost on a great many planes of it all but the FIRST and biggest thing I have learned is to be honorable and respectful to all people and their religions. For the difference in us all is what can make the world great. Being a solo practicing Heathen with all  Christians / catholic friends I find myself in a great and fun spot. The debates and education with comparisons on the religions is fun. (Though I know I am lucky on this) I've rambled on enough about this. As you stated …

Replying to

You are welcome.

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