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My name is Sean Jobst and I'm from Northeast Alabama. I have been studying Heathenry daily and in depth for the past three years, and actually practicing for at least two years (with alot of trial and error). I'm fortunate though for the Reconstructionist method so I'm still learning. My family religious background is non-religious, more "cultural" Catholic. Combined with that time as a Catholic followed by a period as a Sufi, the calling of my Ancestors and Nature was too strong for me to ignore and so I have found myself here.

I'm the son of a German immigrant, from the Schwaben region; some of my ancestry on that paternal side is also Spanish from Castilla, but they've been in Swabia since the late 1800s. All of my maternal ancestry is from Flanders. So my regions are primarily where the Germanen and Keltoi met and mixed, but I'm eager to reconstruct as best as possible that of my Suebi and Alemanni ancestors. What little I have been able to do is based on folk lore and traditions that appear to be Christian but clearly point to something deeper and Heathen.

My focus has been increasingly animistic, ancestor-based, and Reconstructionist, the Norse sources having little appeal to me, and mistrusting what has been picked up from Wiccan or Christianized sources, so I am most pleased with the authentic approach here! I am eager to learn more, network, correspond, and hopefully practice with others either here in Alabama or in Georgia (not far from me). A solitary approach though has been helpful these past few years in getting me to look into and know myself.

Sean Jobst

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