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I am a heathen who believes strongly in the need for historical accuracy. The miss information is so easy to put out and so hard to clean up. Pages like this are a breath of fresh air and i for my part would like to be a more active part of the accurate revival of the old ways. I live in pa and anyone wishing to contact me so bonds can be built please fill free to do so. I make my number known on here all i ask is that you please text first letting me know your heathen and you got my number here and please no racist or anyone with some political agenda, i dont have the time or energy for such things any tradition or faith or whatever you call it that preaches hate is a tradition or faith heading tword certain death and unhealthy by its very nature, i dont like toxic people i understand diffrences of opinion and to be honest i dont care what your political beliefs are but if you would be offended by some white boy holding his hands out to a african american in need or giving his gay second father/best friend a hug, or just bullshitting with people that are not white then you may want to avoid me cause i will do all those things and i wont appologies or change my course of action ever, yes i call a gay man pops and if a soul tried to hurt him i would act quick to defend him against any enemies he has cause he is my friend and would do the same for me, i believe in not only the line of my people but people period we may not all believe alike but we are all in this life together so forget the bullshit if you want to hate people hate them on your own time, i dont expect total political correctness i just expect people to respect others no matter their race or creed. I hope to hear from some people and i hope some people near me see this message

Har Rich

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