Social Justice Warriors do more Harm than Good to Asatru

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Bigotry sucks. It truly does. The AFA and the Troth have fought over who can be involved in Asatru for soooo long, that they forgot to teach the historical sources, much less even take the time to read them. TAC has made Declaration 127 their mission in life. One former member of our local community, quit our community, only because we would not sign the declaration. Our public statements against racism were not enough. The fact that our group banned racism and has a non-white member in a position of leadership is not enough. When this individual realized we were not racists and would not get involved in Asatru's politics, she threw a fit, pretty much screamed at us and called us a bunch of names one night around 3am in a post, and then blocked everyone in our community. She claimed we would not make racism our main goal to fight, and that we absolutely had to. We were too focused on Heathenry, the faith itself. And that is indeed what we focus on, Heathenry. Why am I sharing this? Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) seem to do more harm than good in Asatru. Asatru keeps bringing attention to itself by constantly talking about racism. Seriously, all they do is keep the attention on bigotry and race issues, and they seem to never discuss or spread historical sources or information on historical Germanic Heathenry, much less read things like the Eddas or the Sagas. Recently, I had several IMs from people. Someone posted my name on a public google doc, called "Heathens to Avoid." The list has (*or had, I imagine it will keep growing) 26 names. 25 of the people on the list were called "bigots" ("reason to avoid" was "bigotry"), and there was a link to a racist article each person wrote on the internet, proving their bigotry. My name was on the list, but not as a bigot originally, though they have since added that charge. This is despite the fact that I publicly stand against racism, have a mission statement that bans racism, and that I have MANY people of color on Saxony Heathenry, and I founded the Association for Historical Heathenry with a Hispanic gentleman on the founding team. This Heathens to Avoid list links to this article now (yes this article, the one you are presently reading), claiming I am a racist, only because I publicly state I do not want to sign declaration 127. This doesn't make someone a racist. The reason why I don't want to sign it is not because I don't agree with it. It is because my faith is Aldsidu, not Asatru, and Asatru needs to deal with its own racism and bigotry in their own ranks. As a Saxon Heathen (Aldsidu is Old Saxon Heathenry) I have lead us in creating our mission statement, which clearly states racism is forbidden and not a part of Aldsidu. Another reason why I will not sign Declaration 127 is because it feeds into the AFA's agenda. The AFA doesn't flinch one bit due to the attention Declaration 127 brings to it. It actually helps send racists their way. It brings the wrong kind of attention to the AFA. Most of us Old Ways Heathens have left the Troth, TAC, the AFA, or we never joined them in the first place, because these movements teach Old Gods and new ways, or they combine Norse Deities with the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, Solstices and Equinoxes which were not kept by Norse/Germanic Heathens historically, and they do a Sumble modeled after a Wiccan Sabbat: One Horn is passed in a Celtic Circle one person at a time, each person channeling energy one person at a time. This ignores historical Sumble in Beowulf and Heimskringla (and there are many attestations) where each person has their own cup/horn/stein and toasts at random, with thyles, ale-bearers, a bragrful, and other historical parts of Sumble that are completely ignored and forgotten by the TAC, AFA, Troth crowd. The AFA, The Troth, and TAC's websites and groups (and the Troth's published book) teaches a ton of inaccurate information on what historical Heathenry was. I mean, the fighting over who can be Heathen has caused Asatru not to actually know what historical Heathenry was, because to them a good Heathen is only someone who is or is not a racist (pending which side of the fence you are on.) Not to mention, now when a newbie googles or bings "Asatru" all they see is a ton of links that come up discussing the 40 year old Universalist vs. Folkish debate, racism vs. non-racism. Most people first see Asatru associated with racism, and therefore, now the name Asatru is more tarnished for its association and constant discussion of racism in addition to its blatant borrowing from Wicca and complete lack of knowledge of historical Heathen holidays and rituals. I think these Social Justice Warriors are guilty of a crime greater than racism itself: Incorrectly labeling good people racists, who clearly are not racists. And I am not the only good person non-racist on their list by the way. There are several good people on that list, neo-pagan and historical Heathens. This bad behavior does more harm to Asatru than good, and I literally find it more harmful than racism itself. Since racism is unacceptable, it is the final nail in the coffin for me (and many others). The answer is simply to divorce Asatru and to create a new movement (or movements) that more accurately represents historical Heathenry than Asatru, without the racism and bigotry. This is the damage social justice warriors do. They are sooo worried about the cause, that they do NOTHING to help Heathenry grow in America to positively affect our world around us. Their constant talk of anti-racism only brings negative attention to Asatru. If one were to google Asatru or other related terms, as a new person curious about what it is, the first things they will see is people fighting over racism. Most often, they will conclude that the SJWs are right, Asatru is a place to avoid, because racism is pretty much the only thing discussed. Consider this my last blog on the matter. Why? Well, Asatru will continue to bring its bigotry issues to the public more than it will actually read the Eddas, Sagas, and historical sources, to even find out what the Old Ways are. The only thing Asatru is reliable for, is fighting over who can be Heathen, and not for actually reading the Eddas or Sagas, etc. The goal of this blog and website, is to tell the world, we are NOT Asatru. We made a 5 second long decision to boot all forms of bigotry from our movement. And after that, there is zero further need to discuss it. My advice to Asatru as a movement, is to stop talking about it, but then again, since this is all that Asatru seems to discuss since the mid 1980s, this talk is older than many people within the movement itself. Change doesn't appear to be in the air, so those who actually want to do the Old Ways, need to simply leave. Hence, we Saxon Heathens founded Aldsidu, and I did my greater Heathen Community work by helping other Germanic Heathens found the Association for Historical Heathenry. This is a great group for historical Heathens of all Germanic/Norse (Aesir venerating) tribal persuasions. Lastly, let me leave you all with something enlightening: The Heimskringla. Here is a link to read this online for free, and there is both English and Old Norse side by side. What a great research tool. Let us peacefully, and quietly divorce Asatru. Lets be what they could not be, a group of good people, who share the Old Ways of our Ancestors and family values into our secular world today, which for the most part in America, Americans do not even have dinner as a family any more. Lets us do, and be our deeds.

UPDATE: They now have removed "racism" from the list, but added a term I had never seen before, that means I hate women... There is a back story to this screen shot. I met two people online who claimed they were historical Heathens. I invited them to ritual, despite the fact that they were not members of our group and I did not meet them in person. They were a couple, and seemed very nice. Both were carrying concealed guns. And people saw them during ritual, but I did not.

Two women, members of our group, complained after ritual saying that if their kids (that they had custody of) told their dads a gun went off at a heathen ritual (a hypothetical situation that did not happen), they could be in court. This incident, led to the women bringing up at our Thing (which all men and women have an equal vote in) that even the host cannot invite someone that they have not met first and will know coming in will abide by the safety rules our group decided AT THING. Our new community rule is that we meet people first at social events not at rituals. Our social events are in public.

So, I make a blog article and in it I claim I want to keep women and children safe, and that means I think women are beneath me? Really? WTF? These SJWs are so insane, they do not THINK... nor it seems, have common sense... See shot below...

See this image: Social Justice Warriors have so much common sense, they use this to say I hate women!!! Laughing my "Sass" off! See image below! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL

SJW's use this statement to say I hate women! This proves how crazy they are!

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