Why do Christian Customs continue in modern Pagan Movements?

All bloggers and YouTubers have a target audience. I am NOT going for numbers. If I were, I would mix Christianity and Wicca in with Scandinavian Gods and Goddesses, not read the Sagas and Eddas and historical sources at all, and join Asatru. My target audience is small. The few who want to do some research and reconstruct the historical Old Ways of the Germanic tribes. I am looking for quality over quantity. And some of it is just flat out common sense. 99% of those in modern Pagan circles are going to follow a crowd somewhere, and not spend much time studying and researching. They claim to do the Old Ways as they want legitimacy, but in the end, they continue Christian and Wiccan customs and claim they are historical. I already wrote a blog article with the evidence that Xmas trees came about in the 1600s, and are not tied to any previous Germanic Heathen traditions, but made up traditions within the church, I should do the same with Eastser customs, which came about later than Christmas ones. The church has never followed the bible. Its traditions are extra-biblical. The church preferred to make up traditions than to keep the Biblical (Jewish) holidays Christ kept in the Bible. But there is an ASSumption that drives me mad: "People customs continued in the church. Since these customs are not biblical, where else did they come from?" This is an ASSumption. Just because the church does something that is not biblical, doesn't mean it arose from Scandinavian Heathenry, or Baltic Paganism, or Slavic Paganism, nor Celtic Paganism, etc. Here is a statement someone threw at me yesterday: "And if these folk customs associated with Easter have no parallels with Christian customs, where would they come from if not from their native faiths?" I have a couple problems with this statement: 1. EVERYTING the church does is NOT biblical. Much of it is made up. Give me evidence that bunnies and eggs etc were from Germanic Heathenry. We have two Eddas, several hundred sagas and poems. Find me Xmas trees and easter eggs and bunnies. Don't just claim it was because "where else did it come from?" This statement is not proof, but reaching, horribly. We have two historical mentions of Eostre, one by Bede in 725 AD, claiming she was a Goddess and the fourth moon of the Old English year, and one by Einhard in 830 AD, claiming Ostar was the fourth moon of the year on the Old Frankish Calendar. All the Scandinavian calendars do not have an Eostre Moon, but Goa or Goje as the fourth moon. Zero mention of bunnies and eggs in the historical sources. Outside of Eostre and Ostar coming from the word "East", we have nothing else to go on. No mentions of fertility, just a guess based on the position in the lunar calendar. St. Walpurga's bones were moved (translated) to her church when she was sainted on May 1, 870 AD. Walpurga preached the destruction of the Irminsul, and her brother chopped down Thor's Oak and also became a saint. Walpurga was a saint who preached the destruction of Heathenry, the destruction of Sacred Groves, the destruction of Thor's Oak, the Irminsul, and other Heathen holy sites. Her borther, St Boniface, also a saint, chopped down Thor's Oak. Walpurga's saints day is now celebrated by pagans having no idea what her day is about or where/when it started. It is absolutely embarrassing. And yes, modern Pagan groups defend Walpurgis Night, which makes educated agnostics and atheists laugh at us and not take us any more seriously than Scientology. It makes recon Old ways Heathens shake their heads in disgust. 2. There were law codes forced upon many peoples, outlawing Heathen holidays. The Saxons had the Lex Saxonum and the Saxon capitularies, that flat out state Heathen customs cannot be continued and would be enforced with the death penalty if caught. These were not brought into the Church who killed people for remaining heathen. The church wanted the kill the Heathen customs. The church won its battle for orthodoxy in the 300s AD, and was not in a place of need to compromise with anyone in the 800s through 1100s wanting to remain venerating the Aesir in a Christian Scandinavia. Saturnalia and the Mithras cult did help to give birth to a solstice Xmas, but these are Roman pagan ideals, not Germanic ones, and Xmas has been on the solstice (Dec 25th on the former Julian Calendar) sinece 336 AD, long before Romans knew about Germanic Heathens in any form of depth. People teach this crap, like easter eggs are Germanic heathen, without evidence. They began in Germany, sure, but much much later, centuries later, a 1000 years after Heathenry was crushed. ASSumptions are made. Ravens and wolves are the main animals in Germanic mythology, not rabbits. I have not yet seen that an argument that Thor's Goats come from Easter Lambs... Waiting, it will one day come. In the 700 some odd Sagas, Poems, Eddas, sources, zero customs can be tied to Easter from them. Heathens do not chop down trees and bring them indoors, that is Christian. Heathens kept sacred groves holy, by leaving the trees there. Way too much is done to prove Santa and so much else, born way later, is tied to Odin. Heathens decorated trees with sacrifices to Odin, and decorated trees with blood from their blots, not "ornaments." What is ASSumed is sheer craziness. Yes, the church makes up plenty of sh*t, and Protestant Germany had a field day making stuff up during the Reformation, 800 years after Heathenry was crushed and long forgotten, as Catholicism bored them to death for so long. If we had direct parallels in the sources (sagas, Eddas, poems), that would be one thing. But even a Saga passage swearing on a boar's thistles is not proof that there was a "christmas ham." So much common sense is ignored. It is like people want Christian xmas to be Yule, and Christian Easter to be Eostre, so they have an excuse to keep doing it. Much of America is secular and doesn't go to church, no one needs an excuse to keep secular christian practices, much the world does. This is why recon heathens are so few, we are crazy to most people who want historical accuracy, and far less likely to continue a non-Biblical tradition born in the church into our Heathenry. I am sure this is something most people will give me the finger on. Have any of you seen the jpeg with a guy at a table drinking coffee, with a sign on the table saying: "Asatru is Wicca with Norse Deities, prove me wrong?" On the one hand, I hate that damn meme. But I almost feel like changing the sign on that table in Photoshop to read: "Asatru is Scandinavian Deities, with non-Scandinavian ones mixed in, with Wiccan and Christian practices." The Heathen worldview was so radically different from the christian one. It takes time to un-learn the world view we were raised in, even if brought up in a secular home. The Saga of Hakon the Good chapter 15 is about how Hakon destroyed Yule as part of his forced christianitzation moving Yule to the day of Xmas, from its Heathen place on the full moon of Yule Moon (Jolmanuthr) to the solstice, then Dec 25th on the Julian Calendar. Christainized Paganism continues this practice today. When I make posts that historical Yule was not on the Solstice, and present solid historical evidence, and even quote Swedish scholars, people still get mad. They want to continue their Xmas and Easter under the name of their current paganism. Hakon the Good, son of the first King of all Norway, Harold Fairhair is a great example. And one very easy to prove. That is how Heathenry was destroyed, ending Heathenry by endling Heathen blots, as Hakon did, and making the Heathens do their gatherings on Xmas day, instead of the Heathen Yule. We have a whole saga passage on it. By moving Yule from its location on the full moon of Yule Moon to the Solstice (Dec 25th on the Julian calendar) when the Xians were doing Xmas, was a way to kill Yule. Thanks to Hakon the Good, all Scandinavia today calls Christmas "Jol" (various spellings.) But Xmas and Yule were two completely different things, and were nothing alike. Hakon did not kill Yule by continuing to do Heathen Yule the Heathen way, the saga even says he loathed blot as Heathen, and wished to end blots completely. That is christianization, a rejection of Heathenry and an adoption of Church practices.

We have two Eddas, several hundred sagas, and several hundred poems, as well as other historical sources. We have so much material that survived describing Scandinavian Heathenry. If eggs and rabbits are Scandinavian or Germanic, in all the sources show me the Easter Eggs, and show me the Goddess Easter. Dr. Philip Shaw connects Eostre to the Roman Matronae Cult. Proves she was confined to southern England, Frisia, and Northern Frankia. This is great, Eostre is not Christian! But this doesn't mean Frankish and Anglo-Frisian Heathens should do Easter Eggs and claim that was what was done historically by these pre-christian peoples. Nor should Saxon and Scandinavian Heathens, who did not know Eostre (She is not in the Eddas, Sagas, Poems, etc) follow church customs here. The argument is always "where else did these traditions come from if not from native traditions?" That is not proof at all. It is like a "neo-pagan lie" that no one thinks about. Like prayer to Mary not being in the bible. why did it take Martin Luther to come along 1200 years after the practice of praying to Mary and saints started to ask the obvious question: Why do we do this if it is not in the Bible? Martin Luther should have asked that about pretty much everything in the church and converted to Judaism with Jesus (Yeshua) as the Messiah. That is at least biblcial. Same issue here. Paganism borrows from Christiainity without thinking and researching, and just claiming it is Heathen. I find it ridiculous. How long will the pagan movements continue to claim non-Biblical traditions are theirs? Slavic, Celtic, Roman, Greek, and many other Paganisms claim that these Xmas and Easter customs come from their own past. But the common thread amongst them all, Romans, Slavs, Celtic, etc peoples, is Christianity. I prefer the Old Pre-Christian ways. I won't compete with TAC and the major Asatru orgs. My target audience are the few who want the Old Ways, with solid research, and not Wiccanized and Christianized fluff, which is where the numbers are.


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