The Troth, Robert Sass, and Asatru's Mis-information

This article is in direct response to a public list by Social Justice Warriors claiming that I was a racist. Now that comment is removed. The SJWs updated their "list" today. Now I (in their view) I hate women. (Sigh...) Some people are so bent on hating others, even when they realize someone is not a racist, they accuse them then of something else... Instead of just removing the bigotry comment next to my name, now we have a new comment, claiming I spread mis-information and that I hate women. If they want to discus mis-information, and they want to take their lists public, lets discuss The Troth and their misinformation, since they love discussing mis-information publicly.

I wrote a book that I published called "Modern Asatru vs. Historical Heathenry." In it, I compared the teachings of the Troth, TAC, and the AFA, to what the Sagas, Eddas, and Historical sources say Heathenry was historically. I used screen shots from their public websites and quoted The Troth's published (public) book, that has them teaching the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. They do teach Asatru, not the Old Ways. I decided to "un-publish" the hardcover version of the book Modern Asatru vs. Historical Heathenry. I left the electronic version published, as over 96% of my book sales are electronic through Amazon. I wanted to write a book with one focus: I published a new book "Heathenry: The Old Ways for Today." I felt it would be better, i.e. teaching historical Heathenry by quoting the Sagas and Eddas, and historical sources left and right, almost on every single page. I accomplished that. And I wanted the ratio of my historical references to out number the references in every published Asatru book by a ratio of 10 to 1. Achieved, but honestly, most "Asatru books" quote the Lore and historical sources so little, that was not very difficult to accomplish. I did not mention Asatru orgs in my new book, as the book teaches a different religion than Asatru. My book teaches historical Heathenry, not Old Gods and New/Wiccan/Christian ways. Why compare Heathenry in historical sources to the mis-information put out by Asatru orgs? I mean, it was clearly a better plan to publish a book just teaching what the historical sources said historical Heathenry was by quoting these sources, and doing some critical analysis of these sources.

I still have all the screenshots of old (and current websites). The Asatru Orgs are VERY guilty of spreading misinformation! I have several DOZEN screen shots of mis-information! They have a list of people who do that, but they do not put their own names on that... (As in the AFA, Troth, and TAC should all be listed.) The Troth has a published book, and it is very easy to compare that book with the historical sources, to compare historical Heathenry vs. Modern Asatru. We are our deeds, and we should take responsibility for what we write. Who has spread more disinformation, Robert Sass,or Asatru orgs? Maybe we should have a poll?

Dr. Andreas Nordberg, Swedish scholar, is the world's most renown scholar on Historical Norse Holidays. He states: "The pre-Christian Yule feast occurs at the first full moon after the first new moon following the winter solstice, while the disting took place at the third full moon according to the same method of calculation." Swedish book: Andreas Nordberg, Institutionen för etnologi, religionshistoria och genusstudier, Avdelningen religionshistoria, Stockholms universitet, 106 91 Stockholm. Abstract, Page 4. (PS- This book is for free on Academia, Dr. Nordberg put it up himself. Including English translations.) But here is a link to this great work{ The Troth, which broke off from the Asatru Folk Assembly, also uses the eight spoke Wiccan or Gaelic Calendars, and they teach a SOLSTICE YULE, not the historical one. The handbook ‘Our Troth’ in its second edition, published by The Troth in 2006, lists EIGHT festivals : Yule, Þorrablót, Idis-Þing, Ostara (Sigurblót), Waluburg's Night (or Walpurgis Night), Midsummer, Loaf-Fest and Winter-Nights. Thorrablot is a modern Neo-Pagan holiday made up by Norse Heathens in Copenhagen in 1873, based on a sacrifice recorded in the Lore which occurred on a Mid-Winter Blot (Yule). (Invented holiday in February based off a Yule sacrifice, yes, you read that right....) Loaf-Fest is clearly Lammas (meaning “Loaf-Mass” showing christian elements to boot), having Gaelic origins. Mid-Summer was not celebrated by the Norse. And the WORST one is Walpurgis Night, named after the Christian Saint Walpurga, who not only preached the destruction of the Saxon Irminsul, and fought for the obliteration of Heathenry, she was THE SISTER of Saint Boniface, the guy that chopped down Thor's Oak! I mean, REALLY? Talk about fucking ignorant! The Troth teaches in a published book WALPURGIS NIGHT! What, they have no idea how ardent a persecutor of Heathenry Walpura was? Saints become saints by being terrorists (in the modern sense of the word) to the Historical Heathens. Yes, she committed acts of terrorism and preached it towards Heathenry! Yet The Troth has a published book commemorating her actions by titling a holiday after her! Therefore, The Troth clearly adds days to the Norse Historical calendar, they use an EIGHT spoked solar calendar, ignoring the historical Heathen lunar calendar, that Wicca uses by the way. Yep, that 8 spoked Wiccan Wheel of the Year. In fairness, the book does quote Ynglinga Saga showing the evidence for three major blots a year. It lists the other holidays as "lesser blessings." The holidays are not distributed on the same eight points of the Wiccan Wheel, but the book is clear on Solstice Yule. The Troth realizes that the Norse Sigurblot occurs at the same time as the Anglish Eostre. This is a significant leap in progress in my opinion over the Asatru Folk Assembly. The Troth also seems to have failed to read the Saga of Hakon the Good, who forcefully moved Yule from the full moon of Yule Moon (Jolmanuthr) to Dec 25th, the Solstice on the Julian Calendar, as part of forced Christianization. The Troth follows the Christian Hakon the Good and this forced Christianization by teaching that Yule was on the Solstice. But lets put Robert Sass on a list of people who teach "mis-information?" The first three names on the list of spreaders of dis-information should be in this order: TAC, the AFA, and then The Troth. And by the way, is not Heathens Against Hate a Troth offshoot? When it comes to mis-information, these groups just blow my socks off! And the race is not even close. Any member of these organizations is a spreader of mis-information. The Chronicon of Thietmar of Merseburg Chapter 17 (circa 1000 AD): "As I have heard odd stories concerning their ancient mid-winter sacrifices, I will not allow this custom to be ignored. The middle of that kingdom is called Lederun (Lejre), in the region of Sjælland, all the people gathered every nine years in January, that is after we have celebrated the birth of the Lord [Jan 6th; Epiphany, the Greek Orthodox Xmas, not the Roman Catholic Western Xmas], and there they offered to their gods sacrifices…” PS- Whether Thietmar of Merseburg is refering to the "birth of our Lord (Jesus)" as the Roman Catholic Xmas on Dec 25, or the Greek Orthodox Xmas of Jan 6, is irrelevant. Thietmar makes clear Yule or mid-winter was AFTER Xmas...

This is clear in the Sagas: Forced Christianization, moving Yule to the same date as Xmas, is the reason why Xmas is called "Yule" (various spellings) in Scandinavia today! But these spreaders of mis-information do not seem to know that.

Chapter 15 of the saga "Hakon the Good" shows the story of Hakon moving Yule to the Solstice in the name of Christianity:

Chapter 15 of the saga "Hakon the Good": "King Hakon was a good Christian when he came to Norway; but as the whole country was heathen, with much heathenish sacrifice, and as many great people, as well as the favor of the common people, were to be conciliated, he resolved to practice his Christianity in private. But he kept Sundays, and the Friday fasts, and some token of the greatest holy-days. He made a law that the festival of Yule should begin at the same time as Christian people held it, and that every man, under penalty, should brew a meal of malt into ale, and therewith keep the Yule holy as long as it lasted. Before him, the beginning of Yule, was hǫkunótt, was on midwinter night, and Yule was held for three nights thereafter."

In the passage we learn the following: 1. Hakon the Good made a law that all should keep Yule at the same time the Christians did. If Yule had to be moved to the Solstice when the Chrstians did Christmas, this means Yule was not on the fucking solstice. This leads us to point two which is really a repeat of point 1: 2. Yule was not on the Solstice, as the Christians kept their Christ Mass (or Christmas) on Dec 25th, which was the Solstice on the Julian Calendar and was the calendar in use by Christianity for 700 years after Hakon the good, until October of 1586... Yule was MOVED to this date... 3. The original Heathen Yule was for three nights. The first night of Yule was "haknuot". How many times have we seen Asatru posts about the twelve days of Yule like it is christmas... and of course the first day of the twelve days is on "the Solstice..."

Now, many in Asatru will argue that we live in a modern world and that keeping new ways with Old Gods is fine, as the past is outdated. Now, this argument is not a good one. An atheist would quickly reply: "If you admit that we live in a modern world, therefore we should toss aside the Old Heathen Ways, why then do you hold onto Old and irrelevant Gods who loved having these days celebrated?" Now don't get me wrong, in my book "Modern Asatru vs. Historical Heathenry" I went out of my way not to attack Asatru, but to fairly show both Historical Heathenry and Modern Asatru and let my readers chose their path. So, new ways are fine, i.e. Asatru is fine. But historical Heathenry is reconstructionist based. Very different. Therefore, I have no issues with people wanting to make up stuff or taking Christian or Wiccan elements to be the holidays and rituals. BUT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM when ALL the Asatru Orgs then claim their Wiccan, Christian, and made up stuff is historical! This is where the mis-information comes in. The lack of integrity in being honest that the orgs have not done their homework (they have not) and that they have knowingly passed off Wiccan and Christian Fluff as historical Heathenry… That is just flat out wrong. But not a crime…

Will the Asatru orgs ever admit to teaching and spreading dis-information? The Answer is a resounding “NO.” But they will continue to point fingers at guys like me (and others) who do their homework and try their best to be historical in their practice. And in fairness, Asatru has a right to be unhistorical, and I have a right to be historical. In the end, it is personal preference. But Asatru Orgs simply have put out so much disinformation, and argued over racism for so long (the universalist and folkish debate is 40 years old!) that Historical Heathens simply must divorce Asatru and go their own way. And this is fine. And necessary.

PS- The Troth claims that they hate McNallan. But outside of the Racism, they follow 100% of the guys teachings! Mr McNallan is the INNOVATOR and he was the one who founded Asatru in the United States. The Troth does follow all his teachings, but the racism. How is it they do not recognize this? The Reconstructionist or Old Ways Heathen crowd certainly has noticed that, which is why we either left Asatru or were never joined it in the first place.

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